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Top quality branding is essential in creating your company identity. Our experts will create you a branding that everyone will remember

Branding Design & Development agency in Colchester & Ipswich

Simply put, branding is the act of creating a particular design or symbol for a business or organisation in order to advertise their products or services.

In the same way that branding cattle denotes ownership, the theory and practise behind the creation of a robust and coherent brand identity is to etch your business onto the brain of your customers so they remember exactly who you are and what you can do for them.

Research suggests that the average person has to see your brand seven times before they remember your company and even then, you’re competing with all the other similar businesses in your industry so it’s vitally important your brand and logo stands out.

Branding Consultancy

Our branding consultancy allows us to spend time discussing how we can build your brand for maximum exposure.

If you have a logo or simply ideas we can work from them, if not, we can work from scratch and give your business an identity you can be proud of.

Branding is not simply having a corporate logo. It’s every aspect of your business that portrays your business to the public - from your website, brochures, email address all the way down to how you answer the phone.

A great example is:

You’re driving along the road and you see two vans next to each other. One van has the company name and an email address of

The other van has a visually stunning and creatively designed logo, the company name and what they do and their contact details, including the email

Which one would you choose, then ask yourself which one your own customers would choose.

Are you having problems or have you been let down by your supplier?

It’s not uncommon for a website or design project to fall apart, but don’t worry, you have options.
At Stuart Design we have the expertise to pick up failed or problematic projects and bring them back to life.
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