15 Tips to Make Your Website Better in a Few Easy Steps

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Unsure whether your website needs a total makeover or just a few tweaks? Read through this guide to find out how you can make your website better

If you want to greatly improve the standard of your website but aren’t sure where to start, or think that any changes are beyond your control then we are here to help. Many owners of websites are under the misconception that to get a better website you have to give it a complete, and costly, overhaul. This can sometimes be true in fairness but in our opinion just a few clever tweaks here and there can make a huge difference and turn the bland into the beautiful. Here are our top tips for doing exactly that.

1. Condense the Menu

If you have multiple things listed under your headings on the navigation bar it may well be time for a tidy up. Quite simply, cleaner navigations allows users to find things so much quicker and easier. Being able to find things easier all  gives your users a much better experience. They are also way less likely to hit the back button as they have found what they want and aren’t getting frustrated.

2. Make Sure Every Page Has a Call to Action

Every single page on your site should give your visitors something to act upon. Whether it be to purchase something, check your credentials or even view your demo video. Now you have to make sure the visitor knows its there as chances are they won’t be looking for it. Whether you choose to use hyperlinks or button make sure that wherever it leads them the action is there that you are wanting them to take.

3. Make Sure Your Phone Number is on Your Homepage

Even in this digital age of instant messaging, emails etc a large amount of people still want to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. They do not want to trawl around searching for your phone number it needs to be there, right in front of them, where they can see it.

4. Business Opening Hours Are a Must

Online stores often don’t think this is necessary but imagine how frustrating it is for a customer waiting hours for a response to a message because they think you are open all hours because you haven’t told them otherwise? Make it clear what hours you will have staff online to answer question or queries so customers know what’s what.

5. The All Important ‘About Us’ Page

Your customers want to know who you are and what you’re about. This doesn’t have to be your full biography just stick to the facts of who you are, why you started your business, the team you work with. Add some pictures as well for the personal touch and to allow your customers to put a face to the names.

6. Big and Bold Images

The latest big thing in web design, imagery is getting every more professional and eye catching to attract customers, and its working. Get some natural shots of you and your team at work, of the local area, and anything else that will appeal to you target audience.

7. Add a Map Widget

Directions are must for everyone if you have a bricks and mortar outlet they need to visit. Don’t waste your time sitting writing out direction, just add Google’s free may widget to your site. Customers then only have to input their own address and are clearly guided to your place. This shows your customers that you care about their whole experience from the moment they leave their front door.

8. Mobile Friendly Is a Must

If your site fails on any level on a mobile device then you can wave goodbye to literally millions of prospective customers. Smartphone users demand the full experience at their fingertips so spend time making sure you get this right.

9. Make Sure Your Branding Matches

Your branding must be consistent through every platform and medium so whether its a store, website, marketing material etc it has to match perfectly. If you are bored one day and start tinkering with your logo remember you then have to change it absolutely everywhere.

10. Remove the Distractions

Music blaring at hyper level or splash pages every couple of seconds may seem a great idea to you but we doubt that your customers will feel the same way. Even if you think they are relevant today’s speedy shoppers will just see them at distractions and will swiftly move on.

11. Becoming More Social

Even if you detest it with a passion not having a social media presence these days is akin to commercial suicide. Think of this as a way of engaging with your customers and keeping them updated with your latest offers or services, it is definitely a help rather than a hindrance.

12. Include Resources from Industry

You should be looking to establish yourself as the go to company within your field so by including resources such as white papers, surveys, reports and helpful links you are demonstrating not only your commitment to e the best but also showing your customers that you know what you are talking about.

13. Terrific Testimonials

Actively encourage your customers to leave reviews and testimonials. If they leave a negative turn it into a positive by replying to it, apologising, and promising to address the issue. Once again this send out a message of you being a caring company.

14. What is the Main Goal of Your Website?

Why have you got a website? What exactly do you want it to do? When you have answered these questions honestly you can then look at how your current website is differing from your goals and work on changing it.

15. Hire a Pro

Even if you have the basic knowledge and think you are capable of making these tweaks yourself your best bet by far is to engage the services of a professional who will know instantly what needs changing just by looking at your site. It makes a massive difference having somebody on side who will work with you, explain what they are doing and show you exactly what you need doing and why.

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