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Introducing our jargon-free journey through effective business marketing for new and small businesses

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We know how easy it can be to turn a discussion about your business marketing needs and aims into a jargon-overloaded and confusing event. This is why our Stuart Design team have created a clear and to-the-point guide through all the key areas. You can download your copy for free and right now. When you do, you’ll find that we take just a dozen attractively clear pages to outline the basics.

You’ll discover some facts about today’s web-based search culture that may make you stop and think. For example, three-quarters of those looking will leave a web page and search elsewhere, if the page takes more than just five seconds to load. That’s less time than it takes to read a couple of sentences here! It’s also vital that websites are enabled for viewing on all mobile devices, especially smartphones, which are now most-used for browsing.

By the way, if a recent design project hasn’t delivered the results you wanted, or maybe you were let down by your web design or print company, call 01206 588 603 and ask about for a free consultation about our ‘Project Rescue Service’.

Elsewhere in this new publication, you’ll learn the key reasons why creative and accessible web design is so important. We detail seven vital keys to appreciate about search engine optimisation techniques, discuss making the most of your web application, and fully integrating your key social media activities. We’ll also bust some myths about effective print design delivery, and clearly explain some of the more impenetrable jargon that web designers can tend to use.

This marketing guide will also answer the nine key questions potential clients ask us about hosting, and show how best to use the design process to gain that vital competitive advantage.

All this clearly explained and attractively presented in just 12 sharp pages. Well it is what we do! To download your copy click here.

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