Why Branding Is So Important From The Beginning

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A look at the importance of getting branding right from the beginning and how important it is in a competitive market to really stand out in a crowd

If you had to list the top 10 most important points to getting your business noticed, branding has to be right up there. Many still make the mistake of thinking that a brand and a logo are the same, not so. A logo is an instantly recognisable symbol of your business whereas your branding is the unique name and/or image that people associate with your  business. In other words, your brand is your identity.

So, what is the best way to create your brand? As a start up you will have no doubt trawled the search engines looking at the various different ways to invent your perfect brand. It can be very tempting to create your own using one of the numerous online templates and yes, it will save you money but think how many other companies have used them?

While these serve a purpose they are neither professional nor particularly impressive. When it comes to branding your company you may as well get it right from the beginning as it will save you both time and hassle further down the line. Creating your brand is so important it simply isn’t worth it trying to cut corners. A start up needs to make that dynamic impression from the very beginning to give you a chance of success, and for that you need a brand with the wow factor.

Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience…everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff. When you look at this broad definition of branding, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about what is involved in your brand.

If you are still having second thoughts then think of it this way; your brand is how your customer perceives you. It is vital that you are aware of what your brand experience will give to your customers and thus create your brand to fit in with their ideals. A great brand does not just happen, it is the result of a strategic and well thought out plan. There are various guidelines you can follow and here are our top ten.

Promoting Recognition

People are more comfortable doing business with a company they are actually familiar with. If you create a brand is easy to recognise and consistent it will help your prospective customers to feel way more are ease about purchasing your services and products.

Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition

With the global market being the way it is today, if your brand doesn’t stand out in a crowd you can basically forget it. Forget the local stage, if your company is heading online, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days, you are competing on a global scale against hundreds if not thousands offering the same thing. Your home made branding on your template will simple not make the cut in this competitive world.

Your Business DNA Is Visible in Your Branding

The full brand experience of your company, from the logo to your customer service department, tell your customers exactly what kind of company you are. Think of every point of entry involved in your branding, is it getting across the message you want it to?

Giving Your Staff Direction and Motivation Through Your Brand

A strong and clearly thought out brand strategy gives your staff the clarity they need to make your company successful. It effectively instructs them how to behave, how to be winners and, most importantly, how to achieve the goals set down by the company.

Strong Brands Generate Referrals

There is nothing people like doing more than telling others about their favourite brands. They eat brands, wear brands and constantly shout about the brands which they love. The flip side of this is that you cannot tell anyone about a brand that you simply can’t remember. Having a strong and memorable brand is critical when it comes to generating both referrals and traffic to your website.

Letting Your Customers Know What They Can Expect

A clear and consistent brand instills confidence in your customers as they know what to expect every time they experience one of your products or services.

Representing Both Yourself and The Promises You Are Making to Your Customers

Never forget that more often than not, your brand is the chief representation of you and your company and your staff. Bear this in mind when it comes to your marketing materials. Take a step outside of the box. What are they saying about you and what you are going to deliver to those who choose to use your company?

Creating Clarity and Staying Focused

It can be very easy when you are a start up to drift between ideas with nothing solid to guide you. It takes no time at all to suddenly find yourself a million miles away from your original plans and goals. Having a solid brand strategy in place will help you to stay focused on both your vision and your mission as a company. Your brand can also help you when it comes to being strategic and will also help you to guide your marketing campaigns to help you save money and time.

Creating an Emotional Connection

A great brand connects with customers on an emotional level meaning that they feel good about buying that brand. Buying anything can be an emotional experience and if you have a strong brand, people will feel good about engaging with your company.

Giving An Insight Into Your Business Values

A strong and recognisable brand will also add value to your company that goes way beyond any of your physical effort. Think about all the top brands that people purchase from; Apple, Coca Cola etc, the value of these companies are worth way more than their office, warehouses, equipment etc their value is priceless in terms of recognition.

Complete Package

The best brands are built on a strong foundation, something that you and your employees can cling on to, commit to and deliver upon. Your brand has to permeate your entire company. Once you are clear on the kind of brand you want to create that tells your customers you will deliver on your promises you need a dynamic forward thinking company who is on the same page as you in order to create your perfect branding. No prizes for guessing who we recommend!

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